Partner Features

Partner Dashboard

The partner dashboard allows you complete control over your account. At a glance you can see how many client accounts, employees, benefits and more that are configured.

Client Account Management

Create and edit your client accounts with ease from the portal. The client account management facilities allow you to manage all aspects of the account such as contact details, benefits, departments and employees.

White Label

Want the site to look like it’s yours? Then make use of the white label service which provides you with the ability to brand the site with your name, logos, colours and web address.

Wellbeing Facilities

Our managed Wellbeing facilities provide you with a complete service to which your clients have access to. The resources are sourced and managed by us. The wellbeing assessment tool also available to your clients is a great way for your clients’ employees to assess their personal wellbeing.

Data Import

Data import simplifies the data entry process. Quickly upload your data to your clients’ accounts saving you time and money.

Global Benefits

What are Global Benefits? This feature allows for "off the shelf" solutions to be configured once and provided to all your client accounts. You do also have the ability to choose which of your client accounts have access to this benefit.

Modual Features

We understand that not all your clients will want the same features for their employees, therefore you are able to enable the features they require, and disable those that they don't with ease through your clients account page.

Everything Online

All our services are automated and purchased through the portal, you have no need to wait for quotes, setup, etc. Once a service is purchased online, that service is ready to use immediately.